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Concern "Real"

The general information.

 Industrial and production concern "Real" is the private company founded in October, 1992. Concern strategy is realisation of highly profitable high technology production programs. The enterprise has a wide experience engineering, marketing and legal activity, good scientific, design, test and industrial base, highly-skilled personnel in various areas of business, research and industrial activity. The great attention is given to questions of financial reliability and stability, legal and economic services are developed. As a part of concern there are four separate industrial enterprises, four design divisions and trading-marketing structures.

Directions of activity and the basic current results.

Concern "Real" and its structures work in many directions, using own or got advanced workings out and researches, and also experience of the qualified experts in manufacture, commerce, financial, legal both economic activities in the internal and external markets.

The government of the Udmurt Republic publishes the order about creation on the basis of enterprise "Real" of working group for study of questions and negotiation concerning significant industrial projects with attraction in republican economy of the newest technologies and foreign investors.

Concern "Real" has business with followed companies: Concern "Merloni", Company "Thermowatt" (Italy), Concern "Monsanto" (USA), Firm "Kamstrup" (Denmark), (South Korea) Corporation "Hyundai", Concern "CLAAS" (Germany) and others.

In 1997-1998 of Joint-Stock Company PPK "Real" successfully realised the first project in Russia for assembling manufacture of cars of Corporation "HYUNDAI".

In 1998-2003 in certain regions of Russia was realized the large leasing project on deliveries, operation and service of park of combine harvesters from German firm "CLAAS". Also manufacture of spare parts to combine harvesters has been working.

Since 1999 Concern "Real" in cooperation with the Italian company "Thermowatt" there is begun mass release of water heaters from stainless steel which on the parameters do not concede to the best foreign analogues. This production is certificated under the European standards and has found demand in Russia and abroad. Our company is on 3rd place in Russia on sales volumes of water heaters after concern "Ariston" and company "Thermeks". Since 2009 as a result of joint working out the household innovative water heater is patented and put on mass production with is unprecedented in high calorific effervescive and with a seamless corrosion-proof tank.

 Since 2004 on the present we actively develop research and the manufacturing production program light metal-composite CNG-cylinders of ultrahigh pressure for the methane industrially. This CNG-cylinders applied as motor fuel and for various technical gases and used on civil, military, ship objects, and as in systems of fire fighting. Existing capacities allow to let out to 50000 cylinders in a year. Are made mobile gas refueller modules. There are certificates: The International Certificate of Quality (ISO 9001:2008) management systems, conformity of GOST , the Certificate of Quality System of certification Military register and the Certificate on typical approval of the Russian Sea Register of Navigation, permissions FS on ecological, technological and nuclear supervision. Certification procedure on conformity to the international rules the United Nations 110-00 is finished.

Since 2004 at the enterprise of concern Joint-Stock Company Basalt fibre/Basaltovoe volokno makes thousand tons insulating fiber materials, fireproof and other materials on the basis of a non-polluting superthin basalt fibre. At the same time since 2009 we have established industrial production of continuous basalt fibres (roving) with special characteristics for reinforcing of composit constructional materials. At the enterprise the complete set is used by the advanced equipment and starting-up and adjustment works are spent with the assistance of the big Russian and European Research Centres (Research and Advanced Development) in the composit materials and nanotechnology.

Since 2005 the specialised division of concern renders services to the oil service companies on measuring while drilling of oil wells and other underground communications, and as works on high-precision orientation of slips at spudding horizontal branches from cased-hole columns.


 * production (ballons)


IPC "Real" Ltd.

The address: 426008, Izhevsk, Pushkinskaya str., 264.
Phone: (3412) 43-90-10 (multichannel),
Phone/fax: (3412) 43-90-09

e-mail: real@real.udm.ru

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