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Open Research and Production Company "Real-Storm" is the developer and the biggest manufacturer of light metal-composite CNG-cylinders of ultrahigh pressure on seamless aluminium liner covered from a composite material on all surface. Cylinders are issued with working pressure to 31,4 МPа. The pressure rating of destruction not less than 2,6 working pressure.  The coefficient of weight perfection (the relation of weight of a cylinder to its capacity) makes 0,52-0,66 that it is much better, than at  metal-composite cylinders with steel liner.

The cylinders made by Research and Production Company "Real-Storm" use:

·   For storage compressed natural gas used as motor fuel on vehicles;

·   In blocks of gas accumulators (BGA) for automobile gas compressor stations (АGCS);

·   As blocks of gas accumulators for mobile gas refueller;

·   In systems of fire fighting for storage chlorofluorohydrocarbons / khladons and their substitutes;

·   As respiratory devices capacity to 10 litres filled with respiratory mixes, with working pressure 30 МPа.

The manufacturing production of cylinders is organised on own industrial base of Open Company "First mechanical factory", furnished with the newest home and foreign equipment, the certified monitoring systems of quality and tests.

The technical decisions applied at manufacturing of production, are protected by 6 Patents and more than 20 Copyright Certificates. All cylinders have Certificates of Conformity to Requirements of State Standards and Operating Safety Rules of the given kind of production. The system Quality Management of the enterprise for designing, manufacture and service of cylinders corresponds to requirements of GOST R ISO 9001 - 2008 (ISO 9001:2008).


Open Research and Production Company "Real-storm" realizes for ensuring security of operation production:

·    Organization of procedure cylinders damage evaluation;

·   Selective inspection of the objects equipped with our cylinders, for revealing of possible preconditions to emergencies;

·   The advisory help in choice of cylinders and gas equipments;

·   Keeping of guarantees obligations;

·   The products utilization disposition at the customer's request.

Also working out of new designs and types, the sizes of cylinders with their installation on manufacture on request of the customer.

Among our consumers such biggest Russian companies, as Open Society "Gazprom", Open Society "UralTransGas", Open Society "UgTransGas", Joint-Stock company "AutoVas", State Unitary Enterprise "Mosgorautotrans", Joint-Stock Company "Shell-Oil", RКК "Energiya", and also the Navy of the Russian Federation. Foreign deliveries are realized to the CIS countries and Middle East. Constantly growing demand for our production is caused by a high quality of products, and also low cost of production which is considerable below foreign analogues.

 We are always interested in expansion of a sales market and we offer you mutually advantageous cooperation. We hope that your enterprise becomes our reliable business partner.


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